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JOBDOH is probably the quickest platform to get you a job!Download JOBDOH - the smart booking platform for temporary, part-time, short term, cash jobs, freelance projects or even overseas assignments customized for you!
Register on JOBDOH today, a smart hiring platform to help you earn cash, gather experience, meet friends and even earn prizes! (Check out our referral program to earn cash in more ways!!!) Some users even got full time job offers after taking up some jobs/ tasks here.
JOBDOH believes in transforming the way people work and live. By successfully completing the screening process, pre-filling your profile and preferences and uploading your video introduction, you can choose freely to accept or reject pre-selected tasks that are proposed to you.
Additionally you may use the platform as your mini LinkedIn resume, facilitating your future job search. This platform is perfect for students and visitors on working holiday visa.
JOBDOH platform has won several awards and seats in top incubation around the world, including HK government’s Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, HK Cyberport's incubation program, Europe's Seedcamp and Google’s “Empowering Young Entrepreneurs” Program. We have also been featured in 40+ media coverage.
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